We have great software solutions for Packaging / Printing Professionals such as Quick Pallete Maker, Boxgen 2.0 & VERAPACK -Flexible packaging Calculations.

       Quick Pallet Maker is an application that was designed to help optimal box and pallet arrangements to fit more products into a pallet or container load, thus minimizing shipping costs.

All of this while adhering to plant guidelines such as practical box proportions, maximum
box weight, etc. Quick Pallet Maker can use either standard box sizes and add slack accordingly or create new box dimensions as a function of the primary package dimensions.

For users that already know their box dimensions, QPM offers an input window where the user enters box dimensions, making it even faster to obtain a result. Resulting pallets can be modified to accommodate more boxes within a layer or to shift layers to obtain greater stability. A container fill window permits loading boxes and/or pallets directly onto standard containers. Other functions include box compression calculations and inserting internal box dividers.

Download QPM manual instructions @ http://www.vazeerpackaging.com/qpm/

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Boxware: Boxgen is the software for designing of the duplex cartons, table POP,s, Corrugated boxes etc. View demo download it from http://www.vazeerpackaging.com/Boxgen



Now NO MORE CALCULATIONS USE VERAPACK for all your calculations for flexible packaging. No worries now, get Verapack & relax for doing all calculations.

Our flagship product has been on the market since 1990; first as a DOS program, then in 1997 as a Windows 3.x program. Verapack is now a 32-bit program for Windows 95/98/2000/NT/Me/XP and Vista operating systems.reference.
You can download the digital brochure from our website www.vazeerpackaging.com/ verapack

Why is this such a useful tool?
Flexible Packaging is used to protect snack, bakery, candy, detergents, soap wrappers and fresh cut produce in flexible packages, pouches and stand-up pouches; it is also used to make roll fed labels. 
The most dominant materials are polyolefins:
Oriented polypropylene film, known as BOPP film or OPP film, can be clear or transparent, metallized, and even opaque white. Polyethylene can be used as a film or it can be used as polyethylene extrusion coatings; low density and linear low density polyethylene (LDPE and LLDPE) are most common, but medium density and high density polyethylene films (MDPE and HDPE) are used as well. Polyester is the other film material used; it can be plain, PVdC coated or metallized. And pouches frequently use ultra-thin foil (0.000285 in thick, for example). Most of these materials are printed by flexography or rotogravure and then laminated by adhesive or polyethylene extrusion (PEX).
These materials are "specified" by gauge, yield, basis weight, and inches or microns thick. Units are standard US or metric or a mixture of US and metric (as in moisture barrier or WVTR: gm/100 in.
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Estimate Ink with PrintINK   

As an offset printer you have to estimate ink requirements at the touch of a button. Ink is an essential and expensive requisite for every offset printer and printing company. Thus your ink estimate needs to be precise. Ink savings will translate into a better margin for the offset printer and improve overall profitability. Introducing PrintINK, from the Pentaforce team – one of the best and most advanced ink estimate software in the world that precisely calculates the printing ink required for your job and comes with an inbuilt ink calibrator.

This amazing software displays different job types, color choices, paper types and also allows you to choose the printing ink required for the job.  Jobs such as post card printing, label printing, brochure printing and poster printing require complicated calculations that are made easy with PrintINK.

Using PrintINK also avoids storage of hazardous material and waste disposal. It comes with competitive pricing; windows based user-friendly interface and a great money saver. And allows you to estimate the precise requirement in offset printing thus improving your efficiency and profits.

Come, estimate ink with PrintINK

PrintFastQ PACK, perfect estimating software for folding cardboard box / carton - packaging.

A folding cardboard box / folding carton Interlocking and estimating a packaging job is not as simple as it seems on the surface. You have to understand the various factors like grain, press cylinder, interlocking layout and thus the cardboard requirements your box right so that you can make the maximum savings and machine utilization. The multiple folds in the folding box / carton and its interlocking therein make it a complicated job. You have to be sure of the total cardboard required as cardboard is expensive and a wrong layout calculation will make you lose money.


PrintFASTQ PACK, folding cardboard box / folding cardboard carton estimating software for packaging allows you to estimate for folding box / folding cartons, envelopes, catch covers, trays, including fluted cartons / corrugated boxes with interlocking, and calculates the total board requirement. Its built in high-degree optimisor provides you the best possibilites for how a job can be printed on your printing machines with minimum wastage amd maximum utilization of printing machine. PrintFASTQ PACK generates the best layouts keeping the board grain in mind.


Let the folding cardboard box / folding cardboard carton be a Standard Reverse Tuck, Standard Straight Tuck, French Reverse Tuck, Himes lock bottom, Houghland lock bottom, Overlap full seal with different kinds of flute (A flute, B flute, C flute, E flute, F flute), corrugated boxes, catch covers, envelopes or any kind of folding cardboard box / folding carton, PrintFASTQ PACK will consider printing rules, grain direction, type of interlocking, and will offer you the best possible option of layout with an easy-to-understand and an easy-to-use interface. PrintFASTQ PACK guarantees you 100% saving of time by generating instant estimates, with precision.


With a user-friendly screen that allows you to figuratively see the cardboard utilization and visualise the best layouts, and calculates ordering board sizes,PrintFASTQ PACK  has it all.  User has the freedom to define any kind of post-press operations.


PrintFASTQ PACK, estimating software for packaging, is the new name for efficiency and savings in the folding box estimating world. Assured savings, job calculations on your fingertips and an excellent after sales service makePrintFASTQ PACK your friend for life.

The PrintFASTQ PACK Advantage
An easy to use and understand software that will change the way you do printing business.
Calculate total number of cartons with available board in a split second.
Understand different possibilities for planning the job.
Turn out the best 'Card Board' from your 'Ordering Board'.
Fully grain-aware, PrintFASTQ PACK prepares layouts with proper grian direction.
a Fluted cartons inlcude A flute, B flute, C flute, E flute, F flute, for corrugated boxes
Compute total cardboard requirement including considering gripper margin, grain direction bed size fits.
Plans your job on sheet-fed offset or web offset
Alerts while estimating if you have already done same size of job before, to locate existing DIE
Create as many alternatives of estimate as your customer wants
Compare at a glance differences between various alternatives of a single estimate
Tracks status of estimates made in a very intuitive manner
Can print multi-currency client quotations directly
Generate Job Tickets directly for any estimate
PrintFASTQ PACK will generate estimates with Interlocked layouts for various folding cardboard box / /cartons like Standard Reverse Tuck cartons, French Reverse Tuck Cartons, Standard Straight Tuck cartons, Himes Lock Bottom or Glued Lock Bottom cartons, Houghland Lock Bottom or Snap Lock Bottom, Overlap Full Seal, catch covers, various trays, etc.